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HeiQ Viroblock® technology Tested effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

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All textile made in Switzerland.

Primier cotton 100%  

Production in EU


HeiQ textile shirts. 

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Production starts from 1 st October 2020. 


Empa ReMasks

Komposition 98 % Polyester, 2 % Elasthan

Empa researchers are working together with a national consortium of researchers, health care experts and partners, researchers from Empa, ETH Zurich, EPFL and the Spiez Laboratory, together with a large number of partners from the health care sector and industry, have launched the "ReMask" project. The aim is to develop technologies to reuse existing masks, domestic production of efficient protective equipment and alternative masks with new properties to trap and kill viruses.

The layers on the inside and outside of conventional masks will improve their durability and functionality. On the masks' inside, a water-binding layer is intended to bind moisture from the breath of the wearer. On the outside, the Corona virus is to be specifically blocked. It is already known that the Corona-like pathogen envelope is negatively charged. "Coatings on fibers or membranes that are positively charged would electrostatically bind and thus block the virus on the outside of the mask," explains Rossi. The researchers also want to develop textiles with virucidal properties. Rossi: "We are pursuing several approaches, with which Corona viruses that land on the textile can be inactivated.

Community masks , mostly aimed at source control, should offer a sufficient protection against liquid droplets of different sizes produced during coughing or sneezing and aerosols (particle size down to 1 micrometer). They should have a sufficient air permeability to minimize breathing hindrance and different fitting sizes for adults and children to guarantee an adequate face coverage.

In brief: Air permeability < 60 Pa/cm2 according to to ISO 9237

Splash resistance: no liquid penetration following EN 14683:2019+AC:2019 Mask filtration efficiency FE 70 % with a particle size of 1 micrometer.



B2B Order : MOQ 100 pcs ( without Logo )

B2B Order : MOQ 640 pcs. ( with Logo )

*** Cotton masks are not surgery masks and they are not the perfect masks for preventing coronavirus. Instead, it 's a mask which can help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and reduce the waste of the single use masks. So, it is imperative to be aware that even by wearing Cotton masks, you have no guarantee that you will never get the coronavirus when you go out shopping or eating simply because you are wearing a cotton mask.