3D Mask Pattern

OV Mask Pattern ( Middle / Center Front without sewing seam )

Textiles with HeiQ Viroblock technology that is a Swiss innovation with antimicrobial protection.

TEXTILE Weba 100 % cotton with  HeiQ Viroblock antimicrobial technology.

This technology protects the Mask from micobes and germs. Contains a biocide based on recycles

silver salt. Active ingredient : Silver Chloride.


- More info : https://heiq.com/heiQ-viroblock-eu/

+ Earloop made in Switzerland.

+ Textile Weba 100% cotton

with HeiQ technology made in Switzerland

+ 3 Layers and Washable 30 times at 60°C.

+ MOQ 30. ( Print. Logo, Embrodery ) 

+ Print Textile  made in IT (CE certification)

+ Mask Production- made in CH and IT       

* Ökotex STeP certified factories.







Customized masks sample and design develop time : 1-2 weeks
Customized masks lead times : 1-6 weeks

Price quotation contact : welcome@strelitziasunsun.com

*** Cotton masks are not surgery masks and they are not the perfect masks for preventing coronavirus. Instead, it 's a mask which can help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and reduce the waste of the single use masks. So, it is imperative to be aware that even by wearing Cotton masks, you have no guarantee that you will never get the coronavirus when you go out shopping or eating simply because you are wearing a cotton mask.


Warning and restriction of use:

Those innovation textile masks can help to contain Covid-19 infections by protecting against the wearer of the mask in case of contact. It cannot provide protection from viral infections for the wearer or cure diseases itself. This mask is not a medical or occupational safety product. The mask is not suitable for surgical use. please check if the mask is close enough to your face. If this is not the case, the protection may be insufficient. Do not share worn masks with other people. People with asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases should consult their doctor before use. Replace damaged masks or if breathing resistance increases significantly. Not suitable for children under the age of 7 years.