Fashion consulting x sampling atelier

I am a fashion consultant, product developer and merchandiser specialising in haute couture and high ready to wear fashion. An individual price list for each service is available for selection.


- Fashion trend research

- Color research

- Fabric and trimming research

- Design proposal

- Sketches ( TECHNICAL & IllUSTRTION )

- Tech pack 

- Pattern making ( CAD, Hand, Draping ) 

- Textile graphic design and sample production

- Textile design and sample production  

- Mock up, 1st sampling,  2nd sampling

- Grading sizes and size spec sheets, 

- Catalogues ( preliminary line sheets )

- Garment spec sheets

- Labels, packaging & HangTag

- Salesman samples & mass production in CH 

- Salesman samples & mass production in EU/CN

- Quality control ( QC ) 

- Photoshooting ( Hair-Make-up, photographer, stylist ) 

- Delivery service ( Local with our delivery staffs and swiss post delivery service. International delivery with UPS Switzerland ) 

- Zero-waste concept

Our unique working experiences in Japan and Paris Haute Couture House.
How we could support your collection with our unique experiences.


I can help you to turn your concept into a viable product!
The success of the process depends on a combination of different factors. 

We focus on every step of the development, design and manufacturing process to ensure garments are produced to the client's specifications. 

Our sampling / Single-hand system (No MOQ) 

1st sample is the Mock up, design development   and pattern making in our atelier design studio. 

2nd sample will be the sample with the actual fabric in our atelier design studio or mass production facilities. 

3rd sample - salesman sample. The sample will be represent your finished goods and collection. This sample will be create with our or your mass production facilities. 

Our partner factories of mass production 

MOQ 50 in Switzerland. 

MOQ 300 in China and EU.

Textile print MOQ 100 meters in CH and EU.

strelitziasunsun®  Haute couture & SMART TEXTILES


Sun Sun is working with the many textiles suppliers all over the world for creating client 's collection and I love particular high quality textiles, smart textiles and innovation textiles to make the future outfits as smart as we want to look.

Many innovation textiles like Microsilk, synthetic leather called Mylo, from Bolt Threads, a vegan, eco-friendly material, Piñatex is a leather substitute made from pineapple-leaf fiber, smart textiles to prevent smelly bacteria. It 's all about look good and feel good for our future outfits.

strelitziasunsun®  Haute couture & Prêt-à-Porter

strelitziasunsun® Original Haute couture textiles with French haute couture antique beads and glass beads. Trimming and modern beads materials are from Jakob Schalaeffer swiss haute couture textile suppliers.                                             

strelitziasunsun® is working with an Italian manufacturer Aquafil SpA

the producer of ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon which is made of nylon waste - such as fishing nets from the oceansand aquaculture, fabric                                                                                                             scraps from mills and carpets destined for landfill                                                                                 




strelitziasunsun® is working with 

Alba-Group weba Webereri Appenzell AG.    The market leader for high-quality yarn,      Wrinkle Free,  Natural stretch organic cotton      & finest merino wool combines sporty multifunctionality with profound sustainability.

strelitziasunsun® is working with HeiQ Materials AG Switzerland.                           The winner of 2020 Swiss TechnologyAward for HeiQ Viroblock®

                                                                              HeiQ is a leader in textile innovation