We can help you to turn your concept into a viable product!

The success of the process depends on a combination of different factors but mostly on having the right professionals working on your product!

We offer a full range of collection design consultants,

FASHION RTW DESIGN pattern making, samples, and production services, PRODUCT DESIGN
ceramic, Home, shoes, bags, masks, fashion products, GRAPHIC DESIGN textile, graphic, COSTUME DESIGN opera, musical, HAUTE COUTURE PRODUCTION to our clients.           

From mood boards, trend proposals, design proposals
We will develop and correspond all the details and technical drawings with each specialist in your product category; this all to support our design ideas in order to give the client the final presentation and changes.

Our Fashion Design Services department provides a wide range of services to help bring your company’s fashion design ideas and concepts to market in an effective and efficient manner.
Our team of fashion design experts works with each client based on their specific needs.

We offer pre-design planning and research including current market trends, market analysis, competitive analysis, and trend and color forecasting. We check on the trend, textiles report in the markets. Our design process ranges from original concept design work to full-scale product development.

We provide also professional-grade technical drawings (tech packs) ready for factory production, technical packs include technical measurements, manufacturers documentation, and sewing instructions to the factory.


We work for designer who has their own supplier for their fashion production as well as any start up who need the fashion production with our partners.

We work with different nationalities and specialists for product development for each collection.
Please feel free to contact us for your question, price quotation, and further discussion.
you could reach us by email: welcome@strelitziasunsun.com