We can help you turn your concept into a viable product!

The success of the process depends on many factors but what is most important is having a professional work alongside you to design your perfect product!

We offer a full range of collection designs, pattern making, textile sourcing, sample, Salesman samples, and mass production services to our international clients.

Costume / Haute Couture
Men’s Tailor / Knitwear / Cut & Sew
RTW Ladies', Men's wear, Childrens Fashion,
Textile & Graphic design & Creation,
Fashion Accessories & Shoes,
Watches, Fashion decorative Lamps, Ceramic Tableware,
Beaded Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, High Jewelry,
Original Event Clothing, Uniforms, Take away gifts or packaging.

Our aim as Fashion Consultants is to provide service and to advise customers and clients

into making appropriate fashion decisions. We make recommendations on individual pieces, entire outfits, color palettes, styles and fabrics to your individual pieces or your coming fashion collection and design projects. This involves listening to the client’s needs and understanding each in order to personalize and tailor suggestions based on the client’s preferences, concepts, brand story, ideas and personal style, body type(Target client),

price range(Market set up). All of this to reach the best possible design outcome and

present our design proposal to clients.

Our Fashion Trend service
We remain up-to-date with marketplace trends and current fashion while maintaining a timeless knowledge of fashion principles. We analyze seasonal trends in different markets and implement them into our client recommendations and are expected to be experts in all fields. Because the fashion industry is constantly changing, So we to will regularly update

the trend report in order to develop new outfits, silhouette, colors, and concepts for clients.

Our Trust and Loyalty
Sun Sun loves creating new products with different talents and people from all over the world.
With many requests from different types of international clients.
To gaining customer trust, loyalty and consistency, we work with a long term thinking and

this carries over into our working relationship with the factories, clients and all suppliers.

To build up this loyalty and trust. We do our best to respect and help each party, our team, suppliers, and clients to create this strong and long term working relationship. First We do not share the client’s information, images, or any reported links to clients or information about the clients company and we do not post any client's products on our homepage or any social media. We also provide a confidential agreement contract for all your needs.

Sun Sun is a great listener but also has a strong opinion to suggest and support the design and quality control or create original ideas for each collection.
Sun Sun has been working with so many designers- people from all over the world for more than 20 years. More than 30 brands, many design projects and uncountable individual clients in Japan, Paris, and Switzerland. Sun Sun is able to personalize each customer’s experience with a professional demeanor, She will bring customers ideas to life and turn your concept into a viable product!

Advanced Skills & Service:
*We work with a range of specialized pattern makers, graphics, product designers,

suppliers and factories in different domains.

*We offer Paper Pattern making, Haute couture draping pattern, CAD Pattern,
Tech Pack and Muslin samples

*We offer international Quality control

For Chinese Mass production QC- we do not have a QC team in China.

We work with two QC companies for Chinese production. Swiss international QC company and a local QC company to support us for the QC in China- their staff will go to the factory and randomly select the products for quality control and report back to us. More details can be sent via email.


For Switzerland, Japan and Portuegese Mass production QC: we will have a local product manager who is working closely with us to take care of all the textile sourcing, quality control, and delivery of all the finished products to international client’s.

*We offer different design services including and not limited with Fashion, Product, Graphic, Textile Design service, etc... Please do not hesitate to discuss this with us further.
Basic information:
From mood boards, trend proposals, design proposals, sample changes until the first sample production, Tech pack for the factory to create the first salesman samples and mass production, communication with the factories to the delivery of finished products to clients.
We will develop and correspond all the details and technical drawings with each Freelance specialist in your product category; this all to support our design ideas in order to give the client the final presentation.

* We offer sample production in St Gallen design studio and in our partner factories to ensure that your product is developed by a specialist in your product category.

 We also have a textile sourcing, product managers in each production center to check the textile, samples and production process for our client's collection and delivery of the products to our clients internationally.

*We also offer original textile production and graphic design services for our client’s.

Clients can send us your concept, ideas, drawings or your graphic design for further discussion.

For textile printing: 

We work with textile production only in Italy, Portugal, and Switzerland.
More information and a price quotation can be sent via email.


What is a Muslin sample?

Muslin- the first step in the production process.
This is a cotton fabric that helps us to test our pattern to ensure it is the best translation of the original design.

For the Pattern-making Order request in our company; all pattern making will be included with the Muslin samples for the client’s to see the silhouette of the final pattern and also in order to create a new design and make changes with Sun Sun.

All Samples, Trimming and Textile samples are first sent to our

St Gallen Design Studio for the sample check and changes with clients in our design studio or after the first sample changes and check, then it will be sent to the international client for the final confirmation.

The sample and production timeline & MOQ?
(first samples, salesman-samples) depends on your collection sizes, therefore all will be checked and confirmed via email.

Our minimum volumes
MOQ is 

1 unit per style & color - Haute couture, Sample, Costume production
1 meter per style & color Textile production

100 units per style & color Fashion collection

3000 units per style & color Ceramic Tableware & Packaging gift boxes