Sun Sun started as an Haute couture, Made to order fashion and Costume designer in Japan, Paris, and Switzerland.

Since 2008, I created my company in Switzerland and started to make my own Haute couture collection ( Brand name: strelitziasunsun )and provide also the design for client international. 

We have Graphic, Fashion, Costume, and Product design services.

Our design service works are including trend forecast, developing seasonal concepts, developing prints, pattern making technical, 

Textile/ Materials sourcing, sample and production quality changes support for client 's request and needed.

Haute Couture RTW Sample & Production. made in Swiss with Haute couture Pattern. MOQ 0
Textile suppliers: Swiss hand printing Textile. Haute couture Textile. MOQ 50 meters. 
HC & RTW Sample production in Switzerland St Gallen MOQ 0. Mass production in Switzerland. MOQ 100. 

Made-to-order for evening dress, Wedding dress or your original textiles for fashion production. MOQ 0
Event clothing Made in Austria. Polo, Tee shirt and shirt sample and production. 

Exist polo. Tee shirt or shirts MOQ 0.

Original product production MOQ 200. 

Ready to wear sample and mass production. made in Japan with Japanese Textile. MOQ 0.
Textile suppliers: Japanese high ending textiles, Shibori, Kimono Textile, Pleat, Hand dying textiles.. MOQ 50 meters. 

Ladies and Kid RTW Sample and Mass production in Japan Nagoya. MOQ 0 

Ready to wear sample & mass production in China. MOQ 100.
Textile suppliers: Original design printing on cotton or polyester MOQ 200 meters. 
Event CLothing Polo, Tee shirts and Shirts in China Guangzhou MOQ 100.
RTW Ladies, Men, Kids Fashion production in China Guangzhou  MOQ 100.
Ceramic Table Wear, Gift box design and production in China Shenzhen. MOQ 3000.
Ladies Shoes RTW design and production in China Shenzhen. Paris MOQ 100.
Knitwear RTW design and production in China Shanghai. MOQ 100.