Sun Sun Fashion consulting

Sun Sun is an international designer and fashion consultant specializing in apparel Ready to wear and Haute couture fashion, fashion graphic, costume design and fashion products, etc...


- Trend research

- Color research

- Fabric sourcing

- Design proposal

- Sketches ( TECHNICAL & IllUSTRTION )


- Pattern making ( PAPER & CAD & DRAPPING )

- Textile graphic ( HAND & COMPUTER )

- Mock up, samples ( RTW & HC )

- Fashion sampling & production ( RTW, HC & COSTUME )

- Fashion bulk production ( RTW, HC & COSTUME )

- Final quality control ( QC )

Our unique working experiences in Japan and Paris Haute Couture House.
How we could support your collection with our unique experiences.


I can help you to turn your concept into a viable product!

The success of the process depends on a combination of different factors but mostly on having the right professionals working on your product!

I offer a full range of collection design consultants, From mood boards, trend proposals, design proposals with my design teams. We will develop and correspond all the details and technical drawings with each specialist in your product category; this all to support our design ideas in order to give the client the final presentation and changes with you.

My Fashion Design Service provides a wide range of services to help bring your company’s fashion design ideas and concepts to market in an effective and efficient manner.

We offer pre-design planning and research including current market trends, market analysis, competitive analysis, and trend and color forecasting. We check on the trend, textiles report in the markets.

We provide also professional-grade technical drawings (tech packs) ready for factory production, technical packs include technical measurements, manufacturers documentation, and sewing instructions to the factory. Here is some major steps in our fashion development as your references.

We will provide some design proposals. We are bringing your idea to reality. We are able to generate samples from a conceptual idea or from your existing specifications or pattern. We conducted to evaluate the specs needed by the specialist in graphic, pattern making and sewing room in order to adhere to customer guidelines.

We have hand made paper patter, Haute couture draping pattern, CAD pattern for selection based on the client 's concept. Our design studio in St Gallen can develop your first pattern, we create a pattern from an existing sample, images, design sketches or specifications, or make alterations to paper patterns and/or CAD digitized data.

3. MOCK UP  A perfect the fit before even touching the fashion fabric.
1st Pattern

(A mock-up, by the way, is a very preliminary sample you'll make to see if the pattern or styling is working.  Unlike a prototype, which is constructed in a manner very close to the final product, a mock-up does not have facings, zippers or closures, or hems) To get a good idea on how a garment will hang and drape on the body, however, using your actual fabric  2nd Pattern will be final pattern to make your 1 st sample. Getting a perfect fit and perfect sihouette are the key to making a couture garment.

4. Samples production and Bulk Mass production

We focus on every step of the development, design and manufacturing process to ensure garments are produced to the client's specifications and expectations.

1st sample is the Mock up.

2nd sample will be the sample with the the client 's actual fabric.

3rd sample - salesman sample. The sample will be represent your finished goods and collection.

strelitziasunsun®  Haute couture & SMART TEXTILES


Sun Sun is working with the many textiles suppliers all over the world for creating client 's collection and I love particular high quality textiles, smart textiles and innovation textiles to make the future outfits as smart as we want to look.

Many innovation textiles like Microsilk, synthetic leather called Mylo, from Bolt Threads, a vegan, eco-friendly material, Piñatex is a leather substitute made from pineapple-leaf fiber, smart textiles to prevent smelly bacteria. It 's all about look good and feel good for our future outfits.

strelitziasunsun® is working with HeiQ Materials AG Switzerland.                           The winner of 2020 Swiss TechnologyAward for HeiQ Viroblock®

                                                                              HeiQ is a leader in textile innovation                                                                                 



strelitziasunsun® is working with an Italian manufacturer Aquafil SpA

the producer of ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon which is made of nylon waste - such as fishing nets from the oceansand aquaculture, fabric                                                                                                           scraps from mills and carpets destined for landfill                                                                                 




strelitziasunsun® is working with 

Alba-Group weba Webereri Appenzell AG.    The market leader for high-quality yarn,      Wrinkle Free,  Natural stretch organic cotton      & finest merino wool combines sporty multifunctionality with profound sustainability.

OUR Fashion & Textile production international

Sun Sun selected six factories (China, Japan, Portugal, Italy, Slovakia & Switzerland)

from small quantities to high volumes

  • Experise in Haute couture & High RTW of fabric/ style/ pattern production
  • Apparel RTW Men's and Womens'
  • RTW Shirts & Polo shirts
  • High Jewelry & Accessories
  • RTW & Hand Textiles print
  • High Fashion, Haute couture & Costume

We Support Sustainable Fashion

Zero Waste 

  • The nice design and high quality will attract more people to use the things with confidence, comfort, and it also increases the time that it can be used until it will be thrown away.
  • Developing a new size-flexible garment system, our pattern making technique & One size fit all.
  • The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful industries in the world. We produce way more clothes than we need and we discard them after a couple of wears. Process of producing products that leave no excess material to waste, therefore decreasing the amount of waste materials from the manufacturing process, sampling process and QC support of production process.
  • Recycling material Program. We could provide you a recyling packaging is need our re-design creative power. Re-use your company 's deadstock into a new products, leftover textiles into a new products combined with marketing need, fashion trend to bring the recycling materials into a new fashion or fashion accessories with profitable plan for company and no more second waste for the same materials, man power with a perfect commercial design must need to support the products must be sold out for no second waste.
  • strelitziasunsun have put efforts to expand or take part in sustainable fashion by adding ecofriendly, re-generation, innovation textiles and recycled material into our collection and propose to our clients international.
  • As a fashion designer creating each season trend fashion for market. It 's strange to say you can create a no waste fashion in this biggest waste fashion business. But I see myself. When I love and buy a perfect dress, shoes and objects. I keep them until it 's broken and even if I can fix it with a specialist I will and I often keep my love design clothes for more than 10 years. There have no time limit in a perfect high quality clothes to enjoy them more than 10 years.    

Contact us for your company 's sustainable fashion strategy consultancy.

We will check your brand 's collection and manufactures processing to provide you an innovative ideas and packages for your sustainable solution plan. 

Bone China TABLEWEAR PRODUCTION ( made in CN )

Ceramic Bone China tableware, tableware set and gift boxes MOQ 1000 pcs / Design.