Strelitziasunsun Huang Corliano Design is a design studio based in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
Designer Sun Sun is providing the design ideas in Fashion and Product design service.

Including Fashion Design & Products Design
  • visualizing trends, arranging moodboards
  • design- and color concepts
  • CI/labelling concepts
  • fabric, material and trims selections
  • Design proposals
Including Fashion Development & Sourcing
  • building up worksheets
  • Visit trade show and communication with suppliers for design and samples production
  • creating measurement & size charts
  • managing materials

My main job duties:
+ Fashion design (RTW, Costume, HC)

+ Product design (Ceramic table ware, Lighting design and 3D sculptures decoration),

+ Graphic, Logo and Trend design

+ Sample development and Small MOQ and Mass production development.

  • Desire to create interesting things and new products.
  •  I look for more than one right answer and more imaginative power.
  • I stop limited creativity to something exclusively done by professional.
  • I believed Creativity is inherent in everyone.
  • I search always work and vision improvement needed to our world.
  • Looking for opportunities in my professional context to introduce a new products and service to make things better. Upgrade the quality, Reduce the waste of fashion business, focus on Innovative, Trend and New design ideas are core of my creation.