ST GALLEN Design studio

Our unique working experiences in Haute Couture House.
How we could support your collection with our unique experiences.

Our Service.

1. Design, sample, mass production direction proposal
We will provide some design proposals. We are bringing your idea to reality. We are able to generate samples from a conceptual idea or from your existing specifications or pattern. We conducted to evaluate the specs needed by the sewing room in order to adhere to customer guidelines.

2. Pattern making & Grading
We have hand made paper patter, Haute couture draping pattern, CAD pattern for selection based on the client 's budget. Our experienced on-staff pattern maker can develop your first pattern, create a pattern from an existing sample, images, design sketches or specifications, or make alterations to paper patterns or CAD digitized data.

Our CAD pattern maker works very closely from the original pattern,  all sizes are graded to your specifications. Our Digitized Pattern - We use the Logiciel CAP, CAO, Lectra, CAD System to create the digitized pattern and size grading. We could provide the client the Fichier in Mdl, pdf and send directly to the factory or paper pattern to client international.

3. Making a muslin to perfect the fit before even touching the fashion fabric.
Getting a perfect fit is a key to making a couture garment — one that will be unique, beautiful and suit your figure. Adjust the factory 's muslin and remake the sizes change with CAD and creating all sizes.

4. Pre-production samples check for your factory or our partner factories.
We work and check the samples before go to the salesman samples in the factory for our client.
We discuss with factory technicians and local product managers to send us the documents for the check and all changes will send to the factory before they will make the salesman samples.

5. Samples production and Bulk Mass production.
Made in Switzerland ( No MOQ ), Portugal ( 150 MOQ ), and China ( 100 MOQ ).
We focus on every step of the development, design and manufacturing process to ensure garments are produced to the client's specifications and expectations.
Finished goods are delivered directly to the client 's designated location.
Quality control service is avilable for client 's request in all location.

6. Quality Control ( QC ) and Product 's delivery service.

Factories 's lead times for each part of production vary based upon the total number of steps required to complete the order. This will all be checked and confirmed by email.

Our Muslin Toile Mock - up sample production

Muslin (an unbleached, plain-weave cotton fabric) is so commonly used for mock-ups of patterns that the mock-up itself is referred to as "a muslin". (A mock-up, by the way, is a very preliminary sample you'll make to see if the pattern or styling is working.  Unlike a prototype, which is constructed in a manner very close to the final product, a mock-up does not have facings, zippers or closures, or hems) To get a good idea on how a garment will hang and drape on the body, however, using your actual fabric or similar sample fabric will be much more accurate.


Special knit garment, such as a jersey dress, could never be made out of muslin, it would not fit or drape anywhere near what the jersey would actually do. Jersey is knit and muslin is woven fabric.

In this case, All special textiles. we will shop a sample textile smiliar to the real fabric as sample than  a muslin because it's harder for clients to visualize the end product.

Our Portugal RTW Mass PRODUCTION factories

Our High RTW fashion production MOQ 150 pcs / style /colour

Sustainable Fashion for Sustainable Growth

How the demand for an improved socio-environmental impact is re-shaping the fashion industry.

Sustainable fashion is both a part of the philosophy of design and a strongly growing trend in the path of sustainability. Its goal is to create a system that can be supported indefinitely, both in terms of environmental impact and social responsibility.


We suport the sustainable responsibilty and work with many suppliers who provide less minimum order for the client to create their collection to reduce the over production and certification of those

  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® _Raw Woven Fabrics in Cotton , Cotton / Elastiane ,Cotton/ Polyester, Flax, Viscose, Lyocell ( Tencel ), Liocell ( Tencel )/ Elastane, Cotton/ Lyocell ( Tencel ), Cotton/ Lyocel ( Tencel )/ Elastane,  Cotton / Hemp ( Only Piece dyed ), including the application of colories membrane/ film of polyurethane, Polyester and PVC film. White and yarn dyed knitted fabric in cotton, cotton poly and cotton elastane, etc....
  • Innovation textiles for sustainable fashion
  • Organic cotton with certification of Global organic Textile (GOTS)
  • Control Union Certified
  • Fairtrade Certified
  • Organic 100 Centent Stadard
  • Global Recycled Standard

Fashion labels

We can provide the solutions and support for you need in your labels and Packing production with our suppliers.  Labels and packaging shows the elegance and quality that is essential to lift your brand to the next level and it 's a part of the most important elements for represent your brand value and story. We helped your ideas of Shape, size and materials give your brand that unique touch and branding value. Our supplier have Waven, Textile, Embossed Labels, Hang Tags, Fashion Packaging, Care labels, Security &Anti Counterfeit, Brand logo Buttons, zip pulls and buckles, etc... 

Our ceramic Tableware and gift box PRODUCTION

MOQ 2000 pcs / Design.  Made in China.

Custom- made graphic design and mass production for ceramic tableware, tableware and gift boxes.

Our Shipping Internationally with UPS Switzerland

We work with UPS Switzerland ' services and technology for managing our shipping process from our office to individuals retail online shopping clients, enterprises local and global.

Door to Door service, Easy online tracking, UPS has sustainability goals,

Express UPS request will have ( *The money-back guarantee is subject to terms and conditions which are set out in the UPS Terms and Conditions of Carriage ).