Haute couture beads jewelry collection since 2007

Our first collection was in 2007 in Paris.

This collection started when I was working as Haute couture designer in Paris.

A Japanese  beads company had a design request for me and sponsored all the materials for me to create an innovative beads collection for their new stores in Tokyo and join their international Jewelry exhibition in 2007.


For this interesting chance, I created a small team in Paris to make the Jewelry production for bringing a new face for the glass beads into a new modern contemporary style of Haute couture beads. It successfully received much attention from the buyers and international designers to support and help my sales through word of mouth marketing based on recommendation only.


My clients are Toyko Omotesando Anniversaire, many galleries like Essors, Friends of Carlotta in Switzerand,  Gallery Simone in Paris, online design stores Designspotter in Germany, Design selection shops in Japan Brew group, Lithuania and Switzerland, Borabora Hotel stores and Mudam museum shop in Luxembourg, etc..


Each piece takes more than one month and up to 3 months to create.

All are hand made - hand sewing with transparent beads and hand sewing to put each part in the perfect balance. Now this collection is only Haute couture and each piece is a unique order for our clients internationally.