Should You Wear a Mask to Prevent Coronavirus?
More and more evidence has come to Europe, and countries now recognise the positive aspect of wearing masks, which may be helpful in certain situations, particularly in the supermarket when you cannot avoid all social interactions and it might be useful to have a mask to avoid any risk of air transmission of coronavirus.

1. We also know clearly that we touch so many things each day, and it is hard to prevent ourselves and our children from touching things around us. The masks can stop us from touching our nose and mouth and could help maintain coughetiquette.

2. This virus is transmitted by droplets and through close contact.
Droplets play a very important role; it is therefore important to wear a mask because when we speak, there are always droplets coming out of our mouths. 

3.  Most of the face masks look too serious - they look like they are only for use in hospital and when we are sick. So most sick people are not willing to wear the masks in public, especially here in Switzerland. When we wear masks, it is seen as a symbol that we are sick and this stigma makes people not want to wear the masks.

So, we create a risk for others when we have no masks and we come into contact with sick people,

for example, while using public transport, and we may also risk contracting the virus from other

non-responsible citizens.

I agree and strongly advise that the surgical masks should be the first priority for risk groups and medical staff for use in their jobs and for saving many lives.

The nice design and high quality of the masks will attract more people to use the masks with confidence, comfort, and it also increases the time that it can be used until it throw.


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