My World

My Diary

My first drawing is called 'Melted Face'.

It represents the change in me that I felt as I was filled with a new energy. Another, called 'The Love is too Strong', expressed my relationship with an ex-boyfriend in Japan.

In 'Dinosaur' and 'A Poor Little Bear',

I represented myself as these creatures as I related to them at those particular points in time.

In 2004, not long after arriving in Paris, I created 'Time to Show Off' and 'Dreams'. I was 27 and had worked for 3 years in Japan as an assistant in Haute Couture and Opera. In Paris, I was working as a freelance Photo Stylist, using clothes I created, for Japanese magazines. I was also a freelance Pattern Maker for local brands in Paris. In addition, I had my own private clients. I was full of joy and hope and 'Dreams' represents this time in my life.



In this highly competitive Fashion Industry, I felt a need to prove myself and to stand out from the crowd. I often wore striking clothes like a fluorescent orange coat, paired with a beautiful gold embroidered scarf. I produced the sketch 'Time to Show Off', and it was perhaps no accident that I chose to include the color gold, which is one of my favorite colors.


I am happy to share part of my diary with you, as well as the stories behind them.


Sun Sun