My Diary

After a long and intensive period of work in February 2003, having just finished a client's order, I picked up a piece of white A4 paper and an HB pencil that was lying next to me. I let my hand move freely over the paper and soon became lost in the release of my feelings onto the paper. Thus began a series of sketches relating to my life - an outpouring of my subconscious.

During this period in my life, my sketches flowed out like a river - some taking just 10 minutes, others taking up to 40. I found my energy replenished after my drawing, much like someone who has been to the gym or for a run. Each sketch is unique and impossible to reproduce. During these years in Japan, my sketches were only in black and white because I found the depth of shadows and light/dark that could be created, left the idea of color to the imagination.

My first drawing is called 'Melted Face'.

It represents the change in me that I felt as I was filled with a new energy. Another, called 'The Love is too Strong', expressed my relationship with an ex-boyfriend in Japan.

In 'Dinosaur' and 'A Poor Little Bear',

I represented myself as these creatures as I related to them at those particular points in time.



In 2004, not long after arriving in Paris, I created 'Time to Show Off' and 'Dreams'. I was 27 and had worked for 3 years in Japan as an assistant in Haute Couture and Opera. In Paris, I was working as a freelance Photo Stylist, using clothes I created, for Japanese magazines. I was also a freelance Pattern Maker for local brands in Paris. In addition, I had my own private clients. I was full of joy and hope and 'Dreams' represents this time in my life.


In this highly competitive Fashion Industry, I felt a need to prove myself and to stand out from the crowd. I often wore striking clothes like a fluorescent orange coat, paired with a beautiful gold embroidered scarf. I produced the sketch 'Time to Show Off', and it was perhaps no accident that I chose to include the color gold, which is one of my favorite colors.


In December 2016, in Switzerland, my drawings became a more abstract form of expression. 'New Search' and 'Our World' show my feelings about the Fashion Industry nowadays. I loved the geniuses of Fashion and Textile Design such as John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Martin Leuthold, Alber Elbaz, Christian Lacroix, Maurizio Galante and Yoji Yamamoto. Many designers have become disillusioned with the changes in the Industry, which is far cry from when I worked in Japan and Paris. It is getting harder and harder to compete since the advent of online shopping, social media, and H&M, Zara and the like. It is now all centered around cheap goods and is profit-driven, rather than creating for the love of design, people and innovation of beautiful products.


I am happy to share part of my diary with you, as well as the stories behind them.


Sun Sun