1. It is important to follow the guidance of the government, particularly with the high need to respect social distance. So, the cotton masks are more there as a means to support and prevent situations within the social distance guidelines.

2. Cotton masks are not surgery masks and they are not the perfect masks for preventing the coronavirus. Instead, it is a mask which can help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Some doctors and experts consider that the cotton masks are better than nothing for possibly preventing the chances of air transmission. So, it is imperative to be aware that even by wearing the cotton masks, you have no guarantee that you will never get the coronavirus when you go out shopping or eating simply because you are wearing a cotton mask.

3. Risk group people and people who have severe allergies have to buy and use face masks which are found in the drug stores or consult with their local hospitals to obtain the necessary face masks which protect them 99% from the virus.

4. It is only possible to use our cotton masks with at least 2 layers of your own kitchen paper used inside as a filter and giving extra support with filtration efficiency.


5. The mask fabrics are used for our own fashion collection textile stock and no allergic reactions to the fabric or print are known. However, people with high sensibility or known allergies should take caution.

6 All cotton masks must be washed with soap, air-dried and iron it for sanitization,

and the kitchen paper has to be changed after each use.

7. Never share your masks with others.

8. After you receive your masks in the post. Please wait 24 hours before you use it for the first time or wash it with soap and iron it for sanitisation


We are more than happy to share information on how to make the home-made masks with limited materials that can be easily obtained in lock down situations. 

Our mask forms are original patterns from our own creation and based on studies of different people who sew the cotton masks for hospital use and also studies from Hong Kong and Japan. That we created our mask with pocket for filter option and nose wire

for the fit with different face shape and nose.

They are comfortable to wear, fashionable, not too big and not too small.

How To Clean and Sanitize Cotton masks

1.  Wash with water and soap the fabric mask

2. Air dry, then iron for sanitization the fabric mask

HOW to wear fabric & medical masks

Elastic Ear Loops. Classic length for the masks

Our classic length for the mask ear loops : Adults is 30 cm, kid under 7 years old is 15 cm. 

But you should be able to adjust your own individual size each time to make sure your mask is perfectly tight to use.

Nose wire

This is the nose wire ( Gold wire ) of your mask. You can remove it from either end ( there are two holes for inserting and removing ) in order to wash the mask and change the wire. It is also possible to wash the mask without removing the wire. Each mask will come with one free extra nose wire which can be used to replace the nose wire if it breaks.

How to stop your glasses                                                  from fogging up when you wear a mask

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