Haute couture Prêt-à-Porter collection in 2018

Thanks to French company and brand '' little moon '' 's sponsorship for the shoes.

This is the first collection of my new concept of Haute couture prêt-à-porter.

We are really happy to have the little moon French company to sponsor me the shoes to create this collection with her.


The beads used are the glass transparent beads and French antique Haute couture beads that I got from an old Haute couture beads factory 's collection in 1920-1980, so the base on the beads are all antique and we have limited stocks in house as they are no longer in production. Everything is limited edition with on demand.


For the shoes, it is possible to provide you the selection from our sponsor little moon collection or the client can send us their shoes and make the beads jewelry for custom made. Beads production is not limited to Jewelry or Jewelry shoes. We could apply this modern contemporary beads creation to the hair accessories and other fashion production.


For more information, please feel free to contact us for further discussion and requests.