'' Strelitziasunsun '' is an innovative retail and global fashion brand spanning the Haute Couture elements, fashion trend,   

                                                          modern feminine style, and culture into fashion products.


HAUTE COUTURE + READY TO WEAR Fashion, Product and Jewelry



I am & I love - Fashion. Trend. Concept Designer.
Sun Sun is the designer 's name in Cantonese 黄新新,

In Japanese コウシンシン、In English : Sun Sun


Strelitzia is Sun Sun's brand name but also the name of a distinctive flower called the

‘Bird of Paradise’. This beautiful flower originates from Africa and stands out from all other flowers due to its vivid orange colour, and unique bird-like shape.” Together, these words symbolize a new, energetic, and modern femininity, synonymous with the designer and her creations.  


Strelitzia + Sun Sun became the brand name, strelitziasunsun.


Since 1994, in Hong Kong, Japan, Paris and Switzerland, she has gained huge experience in the fashion industry. She has worked for many famous brands, including Dries Van Noten

( Joyce Group ) Hong Kong, Felissmo Japan, Itochu Japan, Maurizio Galante Paris, etc.

She has also worked and is working for different local companies in Japan, Egypt, Korea, Switzerland, Germany, China and Austria etc.

She majored in Psychology and Liberal Studies in Hong Kong and then changed direction, spending four years studying Fashion and Pattern Making in Mode Gakuen, Japan.

Sun Sun has been working in the Haute Couture and opera fashion industry since 2001;

in Japan for the Atelier Hibino, Opera Costume design for Atelier Yuki and in Paris for the Maurizio Galante Haute Couture Fashion House.

With such a wealth of experience in the fashion industry under her belt, Sun Sun moved to Switzerland in 2008 and launched her Company, Strelitziasunsun Huang Corliano Design.

Her focus is now on Haute Couture Prêt-à-Porter fashion collection and design consultancy.


Owner and Principal Fashion Designer, Sun Sun is originally from China and Hong Kong.

She has lived in Japan for 5 years, Paris for 5 years and Switzerland for almost 10 years.

Sun Sun's native language is Cantonese, however, she is also fluent in English, French, German, Mandarin and Japanese. Being multi-lingual, Sun Sun is able to write and speak

with her partners in their mother tongue.


Sun Sun has established a team of talented people from all over the world and developed professional working relationships with many leading manufacturers.

It is this network of exceptional people that help Sun Sun to bring her exciting and inspirational designs to life.


Sun Sun creates garments for women who love and embrace modern femininity, and who search for something unique. Strelitziasunsun designs are part of the art form known as 'ready-to-wear' clothing which expresses the many different personalities of women and kids. These items of art will function perfectly as 'ready-to-wear' garments, but they can also be transformed easily into unique Haute Couture pieces.


    •    Love and perfection to detail and Haute couture Technique
    •    Innovative and New design ideas
    •    Exquisite pattern making techniques, working with talented people and craftsmanship



These characteristics are the passion, inspiration and drive for Sun Sun to succeed within

the fashion industry.



Established in 2007 with the Haute Couture bead collection; the strelitziasunsun jewellery range has a distinctly feminine look which combines modern elements with an extremely sophisticated perspective. Strelitziasunsun jewelry is both timeless and glamorous.

Since the beginning, Sun Sun's popular jewelry has been sold to many large companies, gallery and retail stores with people 's recommendation and Support. Our clients include the likes of Mudam museum shops in Luxemburg, Bora Bora hotel stores, Essor Gallery, BAYCREW'S CO.,LTD. JAPAN, Lithuania galleries, AOKI holiding 's anniversaire OMOTESATO in Toyko for wedding store, etc.

"It was a really fantastic experience to create a simple glass bead collection and transform this into highly contemporary  jewelry range,” she said.

Established 2017, Haute couture - RTW Jewellery Shoes