Trend report & Book references

I love creating trends and feeling the trend. It is something linked with my personal gift, inspiration, many studies from magazines and trade shows, local market research, psychology, textiles factory report, international news and feeling around in daily life.


It 's really fun to work with; it actually requires a lot of time and studies before coming to the conclusion that a trend might come in next season for the next year or two years. My first Trend report working experience was in Paris with Mr Tal Lancman, a Trend journalist and now famous as product designer and trend reporter. We were working for the View magazines to provide the coming fashion articles (one of the most famous Trend magazines). This was the first time I learned about how to bring and search for different elements to create fashion trend articles with him.


From this experience came my own hands-on experience with my clients from Korea and other collections to create trend report for clients and also provide trend ideas for client's collection in my design proposal.