Cool Japanese kids fashion is coming to the modern Swiss city of Saint Gallen.

A combination of modern Swiss architecture, and the natural beauty of Swiss lakes influenced me in the design of this hand-made Japanese jinbe kimono collection. These sophisticated kimonos are inspired by the colors of summer, and children eating lollies and smiling with joy. This fashion adds a sweet touch to the modern country of Switzerland.

It brings life and joy to see a child dress differently with fashion. The purity and originality of each child's hair, face and smile adds unique style to these kimonos, which are cool and original, charming and fun.

In the olden days in Japan kimonos were reserved for special occasions. In this modern day we dress for fashion, and these traditional patterned Jinbe kimonos can be worn every day if desired. I have dressed my son, Luis, every summer in a jinbe kimono shirt, combined with jeans or sporty trousers, since he was one year old. He is always cool and comfortable in the adjustable cotton tops, allowing him to easily move and play.
The kimonos can also be combined with a skirt OR leggings for girls.

Jinbe kimono are tied closed on the side with ribbon, with roomy armholes and sleeves. Therefore the sizing is flexible, and the garments fit children of all sizes and shapes. The same kimono can be worn for many years. The pure cotton design keeps your children cool in warm weather. The absence of buttons or zippers ensures comfort.

Another design feature of this excellent kids wear is the presence of a pleat in the front and the back of the kimono. By simply removing the thread from the pleat the kimono can be expanded, allowing many more years of wear (a minimum of 3-4 years). They are easily adjustable yourself without requiring professional fitting.

Our Jinbe Kimono Collection is functional and fashionable. My reason for creating this collection is to bring beauty and joy to the eye with our cool designs, excellent techniques and lovely fabric.

I hope see you around town enjoying these products!

Strelitziasunsun Huang Corliano (Sun Sun)