JAPAN 2002 - 2006 

Freelance assistant to Yuki, Japanese Opera costume designer. Worked with her for La Traviata, Marriage of Figaro and for a series of Japanese Operas.

PARIS 2006 - 2008 

Patternmaking designer for Maurizio Galante Haute Couture House. Created with him the costumes for an Italian production of Madame Butterfly.

SWITZERLAND Since 2008   

Self-employed Opera costume designer.

Significant projects:

2021   Ariadna Vindonissensis

2016   Davos Festival Opera

2013   Opera Szenarium Opernchore

2009   II Curioso Indiscreto

            E. Satie, Geneviève de Brabant    

            A.Salier, Kleine Herlekinade Intermezzo

            H.Rutter, Die Brücke & Von San Luis Rey,

2009    Herrn Ferdinands phantastische Reise durch die Opernwelt

2008    Ariadne, Naxos