Sun Sun  is my name in Cantonese ''  新 新 ''


Haute couture Fashion & Jewelry brand name "strelitziasunsun" .

Ready to waer brand name '' Sun Sun ''.


''Strelitzia '' the name of a distinctive flower called the ‘Bird of Paradise’.

This beautiful flower originates from Africa and stands out from all other flowers due to its vivid orange color, and unique bird-like shape.” Together with  designer name '' Sun Sun '',

"strelitziasunsun"  symbolize a Brand of Haute couture, ALL HAND MADE in EUROPE. SWISS Or FRENCH MADE in our atelier. The products represent the women who love Haute couture,  energetic, Trendy and Modern femininity.

" SUN SUN " symbolize a Brand of Ready to wear with Haute couture element. The Products represent the women who love fashion, Trend Fashion and Modern femininity.