"strelitziasunsun" is from a combination of Strelitzia + Sun Sun

My Chinese name is 新 新  = SUN SUN 

In Hong Kong. We have our English name as well.

Most of the people called me Sun Sun ( Cantonese name ) or Strelitzia ( English name ).


Strelitzia is a name of a distinctive flower called the ‘Bird of Paradise’.

I discovered this flower when I was 13 in Hong Kong.

Since then I decided to use this flower 's name as my English name. 


This beautiful flower originates from Africa and stands out from all other flowers due to its vivid orange colour, and unique bird-like shape.

This is my desire to create a fashion brand called Strelitziasunsun represent this unique, trendy, Haute couture technique, hand craft for the modern feminine women.