Professional Affiliations



Graphic Designer Bone China Tableware Collection


Designed a comprehensive bone china tableware collection, focusing on graphic elements for various pieces. Utilized innovative graphic design techniques to create visually appealing patterns and motifs suitable for bone china. Collaborated with manufacturers and artisans to ensure the translation of designs onto tableware surfaces with precision and quality. Achieved a cohesive and harmonious collection aesthetic through careful selection of colors, patterns, and motifs.


Designer for ceramic tableware, luminaires, and other ceramic objects

Product Development for Ski Hotels and Gift Shops

Leonie France

Designed ceramic tableware and luminaires tailored for alpine and ski hotel environments, as well as gift shops catering to tourists. Specialized in creating low-price gift products featuring Swiss Alps graphics and designs, aligning with the company's focus. Collaborated with manufacturers to optimize production processes for the realization of the design and sample quality.  


Fashion Designer and Patternmaker Paris 2003-2007
Maurizio Galante Haute Couture, Paris
( Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode permanent Haute Couture member )

Responsibilities included: Design assistance and pattern making development. Fashion show modification and support, including model size checks. Trend reporting for View Magazine and fashion shows. Managing private clients' needs. Designing Ready-to-Wear (RTW) fashion collections for such as ITOCHU MC DAVID, Felissimo JAPAN, etc.
Freelance Haute Couture Fashion and Accessories Production Paris 2007-2014
Produced fashion and accessories for haute couture collections, specializing in flower accessories and
haute couture fashion production.


Assistant to Knitwear Specialist
Iris von Arnim & Wunderkind, Wolfgang Joop
RTW Women's Knitwear
Under the supervision of Knitwear Specialist Pia Ricci

Assisted Knitwear Specialist Pia Ricci in the development and production of ready-to-wear (RTW) women's knitwear at Iris von Arnim and  Wunderkind, Wolfgang Joop. Played a key role in the creation of knitwear pieces, focusing on precision and quality under the guidance of Pia Ricci.

RTW Women's Knitwear with Haute Couture Embroidery Sample for Brand Wunderkind, Wolfgang Joop Developed samples combining ready-to-wear (RTW) women's knitwear with haute couture embroidery techniques, showcasing a fusion of craftsmanship and innovation.



Trend Report Journalist and Moderator
Press Paris (Press Agency), Tokyo
Conducted trend reporting and analysis for Japanese magazines, focusing on fashion trends in Paris and Switzerland. Specialized in defining fashion, textile, and watch trends in Switzerland, contributing to the understanding and dissemination of Swiss fashion culture.



Fashion Trend Analyst
Landscape Fashion Trend Agency, Seoul, Korea

Compiled trend reports for various industries including fashion, textile, bedding, pens, umbrellas, graphics, colors, bags, and shoes. Authored the Sport Trend Book, providing comprehensive insights into the latest trends in sports fashion and related industries. Conducted trend analysis and forecasting to anticipate upcoming trends in the Europe fashion market.



Pattern Maker and Sample Production
Noser Fashion
RTW Men's Collection

Executed pattern making and sample production for the ready-to-wear (RTW) men's collection at Noser Fashion. Collaborated closely with design teams to translate design concepts into tangible garments, meeting the brand's standards for fit, construction, innovation shirt materials and aesthetic.



Co-Founder and Art Director
Hands in Ghana (Volunteer)
Healthy Cities Foundation

Co-founded Hands in Ghana, a design project aimed at creating job opportunities and economic empowerment in Ghana. Served as the Art Director, overseeing design projects and production initiatives in collaboration with local ateliers specializing in fashion, textile, and jewelry.

Partnered with Samson Nibi, CEO of Hands in Ghana, to implement sustainable development strategies and foster community engagement. Led design workshops and training sessions to transfer skills and knowledge to local artisans, promoting cultural exchange and capacity building.

This version highlights your role as a co-founder and art director of Hands in Ghana, emphasizing your commitment to creating job opportunities and fostering sustainable development through design projects and collaboration with local artisans.


Pattern Maker and Production Manager
Lieke Smeets
RTW Women's Collection

Managed pattern making and production processes for Lieke Smeets' ready-to-wear (RTW) women's collection. Oversaw both bulk and sample production, ensuring consistency and quality across all garments. Collaborated closely with design teams to translate creative concepts into functional patterns and scalable production plans.



Pattern Maker and Sample Production
RTW Women's Collection

Responsible for pattern making and sample production for Vogavoe's ready-to-wear (RTW) women's collection. Executed precise pattern making techniques to ensure accurate garment construction and fit. Produced high-quality samples that aligned with the brand's aesthetic and design standards. Collaborated closely with the design team to bring creative concepts to life through prototypes. 



Fashion and Textile Graphic Designer
Black Rebel Original
RTW Men's and Women's Streetwear

Designed streetwear collections for both men and women at Black Rebel Original, focusing on ready-to-wear (RTW) garments. Developed fashion and graphic design proposals, incorporating innovative concepts and trends into the brand's aesthetic. Three major Pieces pattern making and mock-up processes to translate design concepts into prototypes. Applied graphic design techniques to create visual elements for apparel and materials.


Event Masks with Company Logo

Joulia SA
Event Product Division

Developed and produced event masks featuring company logos during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Collaborated with clients to customize designs and incorporate branding elements into the masks. Ensured the production of high-quality masks that met safety standards while maintaining brand identity. Played a key role in providing essential protective gear for events while promoting brand visibility and safety measures.


Design and Costume Production for Several Operas

Swiss Opera Studio – Hochschule der Künste Bern HKB
Stage Director: Mathias Behrends

Designed and produced costumes for various operas under the direction of Stage Director Mathias Behrends. Collaborated closely with the director and production team to bring creative visions to life on stage. Contributed to the visual storytelling of each opera through costume design. Executed costume production with attention to detail, craftsmanship, and adherence to performance requirements. View for more details on specific opera productions and costume designs.


Product Designer and Trend Analyst
Confidential Luxury Jewellery Brand

Spearheaded gift product design initiatives for a prestigious luxury jewelry brand, focusing on designs tailored for gift purposes. Developed innovative and elegant designs that resonated with the brand's identity and target audience. Compiled trend books encompassing color, textile, and upcoming product trends, trend forecast and incorporating an Asian touch for specific seasonal applications. Emphasizing my expertise in developing designs for gifts and compiling trend books with an Asian touch.


Graphic Design and Product Development Specialist
Büchi Labortechnik AG, St. Gallen

Applied graphic design expertise to develop event-use mask products for Büchi Labortechnik AG. Conceptualized and executed designs for event masks, ensuring alignment with brand identity and client specifications. 


Workshop Instructor
St. Gallen Textilmuseum

Organized and facilitated zero waste re-fashion B2B workshops at the St. Gallen Textilmuseum. Conducted upcycling workshops utilizing haute couture techniques in 2023, fostering sustainability and creativity in fashion. Led pattern making magic and repair as upcycling workshops in 2024, empowering participants with skills to transform and repair garments. Utilized haute couture techniques to elevate the quality and design of upcycled garments, inspiring innovation and craftsmanship.

Contributed to the museum's mission of promoting sustainable fashion practices and preserving textile heritage through hands-on educational experiences.



Pattern Maker, Mock-up sample
Ellie & Becca
RTW Women's Collection

Managed trim and materials sourcing for Ellie & Becca's ready-to-wear (RTW) women's collection. Compiled tech packs detailing specifications for materials and trims, ensuring accuracy and consistency in production. Executed pattern making and mock-up sample production, translating design concepts into tangible prototypes.



Pattern Maker and Sample Producer
Epoch Making
RTW Men's Collection with Innovative Textile Materials

Implemented innovative textile materials into the design process, incorporating cutting-edge fabrics and techniques to elevate the collection. Produced mock-up samples to visualize design concepts and refine garment prototypes prior to production. Played a key role in pushing the boundaries of menswear fashion through the integration of innovative textiles and meticulous craftsmanship.



Pattern Maker and Haute couture fashion Production
House of Nos
Executed pattern making and mock-up sample production for House of Nos' Ai haute couture women's collection. Applied precision and craftsmanship to ensure the accurate interpretation of design concepts into tangible garments. Collaborated closely with designers to bring Ai haute couture visions to life through meticulous pattern making. Specialized in creating made-to-order haute couture pieces for private clients, delivering bespoke garments tailored to individual preferences. Played a pivotal role in maintaining the brand's reputation for exquisite craftsmanship and personalized service.


Pattern Maker, Mock-up sample and Textile Graphic Designer
Wear By Numbers

Contributed to the design and development of ready-to-wear (RTW) resortwear and artist-painted fashion women's collection at Wear By Numbers. Executed pattern making and mock-up processes to translate design concepts into tangible garments, ensuring precision and fit. Applied artistic flair to textile graphic design, integrating unique patterns and visuals into the fabric. Collaborated closely with artists to incorporate digital-painted elements into fashion pieces, blending artistry with fashion.