Strelitziasunsun Huang Corliano Design ( SHCD )


CHINA                              CERAMIC SUPPLIER JINSHIN

SHENZHEN                          Design of Ceramic tableware collection



ANNECY                              Leonie’s France

                                               Product Design. 3D Object decoration, Ceramic tableware

                                               Design Luminaires


PARIS                                    René Furterer

                                               Stylist photographer


                                          MAURIZIO GALANTE HAUTE COUTURE 2003-2007

                                               Fashion designer and Pattern maker

                                               Interware Sarl RTW Denim Collection, Creative Patternmaking

                                               for Haute Couture Collection 2004-2008.

                                               Fashion Designer for RTW Collection.

                                               Licence Collection Design. Technical Drawing

                                               Research Assistant trends report for View magazine                                                                    

                                               Maurizio Galante Haute couture Collection 2014

                                               Fashion and hair accessories production 



                                             IRIS VON ARNIM

                                               RTW Women knitwear assistant to knitwear specialist Pia Ricci


                                               Wunderkind Wolfgang Joop

                                               RTW Women knitwear assistant to knitwear specialist Pia Ricci

                                               RTW Women knitwear with Haute Couture embroidery samples




                                               TOKYO/PRESS PARIS

                                               Trend report journalist and moderator TV TOKYO COPORATION

                                               Japanese magazines trend. Articles on fashion trend in Paris.

                                               Defining fashion, textile and watch trends in Switzerland


KOREA                             LANDSCAPE

SEOUL                                  Sport Trend Book



                                               RTW Men collection

                                               Pattern making and Production of samples



                                               Co- Founder and Art director of Hands in Ghana. (Volunteer)        

                                               Design Project and production in Ghana creating jobs and work 

                                               opportunities with local ateliers (Fashion, Textile and Jewelry)

                                               with Samson Nibi (CEO)


                                     LIEKE SMEETS

                                              RTW Women collection

                                              Pattern making and Production of Bulk and sample production in CH. 



NORWAY                        VOGAVOE

                                              RTW Women collection

                                              Pattern making and Production of samples




                                               RTW Resortwear women collection

                                               Haute Couture Pattern making and Mock-up

                                               Textile Graphic Design



BERN                                    Black Rebel Original

                                               RTW Men and Women streetwear

                                               Fashion and Graphic Design proposal

                                               Pattern making and Mock-up

                                               Graphic Design Tech


BIEL                                      Joulia SA – Event Products


                                               SWISS Opera Studio Hochschule der Künste Bern HKB

                                               Costume Design and Hair Make-up

                                               Design and costume production for several Operas for the

                                               Stage Director - Mathias Behrends    


DAVOS                                  DAVOS FESTIVAL 2016

                                               Stgae Director - Mathias Behrends 

                                               Opera costume design and Production.


NEUCHÂTEL                       CLIENT Confidential – LUXURY

                                               Product Design and Trend book


ST GALLEN                          Büchi Labortechnik AG

                                                Graphic Design consultancy.

                                                Design, sample and bulk production of event clothes and masks


                                           St Gallen Textile Museum 

                                           Zero waste Re-fashion B2B  

                                                Upcycling mit Haute Couture Techniken

                                                Sa. 22.07. 2023  10-16 Uhr  & Di. 25.07.2023   10-16 Uhr


                                          Christian Fischbacher

                                                Zero Waste Re- fashion B2B


ZÜRICH                                 Casablanca Gebäude Service

                                                Cotton and brand masks


                                           Japanische Schule in Zürich

                                            Event flyer graphic design, Sample, Flyer production



                                                 6 May 2023 - Talk show and Music Concert


UAE                                      Ellie & Becca

                                                 RTW Women collection

                                                 Trim and materials sourcing.Teck Pack.     

                                                 Pattern making and Mock-up Production of samples


UNITED KINGDOM   EPOCH MAKING                                                

                                                 RTW Men Sportswear collection

                                                 Pattern making and Production of samples

                                                 RTW Men Sportswear Shoes collection

                                                 Production of samples and Bulk in CH