"strelitziasunsun" is from a combination of Strelitzia + Sun Sun
My name 新 新 pronounce in Cantonese is SUN SUN
Married in 2010. Corliano Huang Hsin Hsin
In Hong Kong and others call me Sun Sun ( in Cantonese ) or Strelitzia ( English name ).

In Japan and China. People called me XIN XIN ( シンシン )、which in Mandarin.

Strelitzia is the name of a distinctive flower called the ‘Bird of Paradise’.
I discovered this flower when I was 13 years old and living in Hong Kong.

At this time. I found this beautiful flower originates from Africa and stands out from all other flowers due to its vivid orange color and unique bird-like shape.




In 1997, I met Dries Van Noten in Hong Kong. It was an amazing working experiences to work

with Dries van Noten ( Belgian fashion designer antwerp - One of the Antwerp Six ) They called.

One of the most famous Belgian and international fashion designer. He came to Hong Kong for his first shop opening in Hong Kong Joyce company. I was working in his shop opening for my summer holiday job. It was an amazing experience to work with him to create his shop together and see so many beautiful textiles, graphics, high ending silhouette and his unique character design. It was also such a big joy to talk with him about his work and make jokes with such interntional designer. Feeling the unique joy to create beautiful things together. This was my first step stone that brought me to think what’s the most important things as basic to learn to create a perfect cloth. So I decided to go to Japan to master one of the most important elements in dress. It’s the pattern making. I believed all others are gift from God.

During the time I was in Japan, I was working as part time job for a Japanese designer who is specialist in wedding dress, costume for hair show of Japan and France and order to made fashion. I was working as her designer assistant. There I earn all the most important hand on haute couture sewing and pattern making technique for detail and perfection couture technique. In the end of half year before I go to Paris. I got another chance to  work for a famous Japanese opera costume designer Yuki as her assistant to create opera costume together, learn how to create opera costume and the work through. We traveled in different city for different opera projects. 

As well as I took one month to learn about japanese shibori textiles production where I learned how they created the shibori and dying technique for Yoji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake pleated textiles etc.. 

In 2003. I wanted to fulfill my plan to work in Haute couture right away. My first job offer is working in Maurizio Galante Haute couture collection 2004. Then after I got the contract as employees as Fashion and Pattern makers for his RTW and HC collection as well as taking care each season 's Haute couture fashion show and Haute couture private clients. In Paris, I was working with Maurizio Galante who is an Italian modern and contemporary designer who brought me a new inspiration of Italian fashion and their modern beauty. I also learn a lot about trend and different type of projects as a Haute Couture company. 


In Paris 2006. A Japanse design project came. A beads company director offered me a sponsorship and request to create a modern contempoary jewelry with their simple glass beads for their international jewelry trade show in Tokyo to attract the buyers. After this successes. I got many designers and people ´s recommendation to selling those jewelries into design stores in Japan, Galleries in Switzerland,  Hotel in Borabora, Mudam museum shop in Luxemberg, etc...


After many years working in Japan and Paris. 

It was my dream to create my own brand, my own company and family. So I decided to moved to Switzerland and created strelitziasunsun Huang Corliano Design in 2008.

In Switzerland, It ‘s a big step for me to enter a new life style. In my career part. It’s a first time. 

I strongly connected with the joy to create innovation, modern, minimalist, Bio organic and high quality textiles with my haute couture experiences. So I created a new concept called strelitziasunsun Haute couture Prêt-à-Porter fashion. I wanted to bring the joy, innovation, couture technique, no time limit fashion and unique beauty to the modern feminine, international women. 



NATIONALITY - BNO Hong Kong ( British Oversea )

MARRIED to an Italian Swiss ( Industrial designer ) - A Mother - ONE BOY 10 years old

RELIGION - Christian

LOVES /  HOBBIES - Working, Creating products, Cooking, Try new things.

LANGUAGES - Cantonese ( Mother tongue ), Mandarin, Japanese, English, French, German ( Fluent )

STUDIED - 2 Years Major in HK General Psychology, 4 Years in JP Fashion design


TRAVEL - More than 20 countries. USA, India, Korea, Italy, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, China, etc...

 Love - Jerusalem (Israel), Jaipur (India), Osaka (Japan), New York (USA), Paris (France), Hong Kong

FAVORITE FOOD – Sushi, Dim Sum, Tom yam gung soup, Vietnam pho, HK Street foods, Salami

FAVORITE COLOR – Transparent, Gold


FAVORITE DESIGNER - John Galliano, Dries Van Noten, Alexandre McQueen, Maurizio Galante