ABOUT SUNSUN                  

UK-BNO passport. Swiss permit C. Hong Kong ID. Born in China, grew up in Hong Kong.

Christian since 1995 in Hong Kong. Married in 2010. A boy Mom. 

Love travelling. Love food. Love creating. Love psychology. Love learning new things. 

I moved to Switzerland in October 2007. 

Created Strelitziasunsun HC design in Switzerland Biel August 2008.

My first project in Switzerland was working as a costume designer for the Swiss Opera Studio in 2008.

My first workshop was Upcycling with Haute couture technique 2023 with St.Gallen Textile museum. 

The most impressive city is New York, because of its unique energy and style.

The most treasured life experience was doing voluntary aid work in India 2001. It was exhausted.

The hardest project I had was creating a charity with my friend Samson Nibi called Hands in Ghana. 

The most nervous project. Maurizio Galante Haute Couture collection and fashion show in Paris 2004. 

The must visit food countries for me is Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan. 

Languages: written, spoken -Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, English, French and German




HONG KONG 1997 – Worked as an assistant for Dries van Noten who came to HK to open his boutique. I learnt many skills and discovered what was needed to create beauty. I decided to move to Japan where I was to learn an essential tool in the fashion industry: patternmaking.


JAPAN 2000 - Worked part time as a design assistant for the designer Atelier Hibino, who specialised in wedding dresses and costumes. I acquired couture sewing skills and patternmaking techniques. Much attention was given to detail and the perfection couture technique.

Worked part time making opera costumes for Designer Yuki, an Opera costume designer.

Travelled all over Japan with her for the Opera performances.

Japanese Shibori textiles company Kuno - Learnt the techniques of shibori, pleat and dyeing used by Issey Miyake and Yoji Yamamoto.


PARIS 2004 - 2014 Worked as a fashion designer and patternmaker for Maurizio Galante for his Haute Couture and RTW Collections. Responsible for every season’s RTW collection, Haute Couture Fashion show and Haute Couture private clients. Learnt about trends and the different projects of this successful Haute Couture company.


Paris - Switzerland 2006 - 2012 Japanese contemporary jewelry project for their Jewelry international trade show in Japan. After strelitziasunsun bead jewelry collection was sold in big department stores like  anniversaire OMOTESANDO stores in Tokyo, design stores in Brew Japan group, Mudam Museum of Luxemburg, design stores in Paris, Hotels in Bora Bora, art galleries in Switzerland.


SWITZERLAND 2008 Creation of Strelitziasunsun Huang Corliano Design company in Biel. Move to St Gallen.


ST GALLEN 2023 Creation of strelitziasunsun haute couture prêt-à-porter fashion brand. This brand was born out of the need for timeless, innovative, inventive, well-made, well-sewn, high-quality clothes for women of today.





SHCD ( Strelitziasunsun HC Design ) is a meeting place for design, utility and sustainability. This brand is centred on building a seasonless wardrobe with each new piece designed to work for a lifetime.  We use responsible fabrics such as organic cotton, jersey. Craftsmanship lies at the heart of this brand. We stand behind Haute couture quality craftsmanship, designed well, designed to last, designed to be re-loved and even re-made. The products we make showcase exceptional artisanal skills and couture techniques.

The brand uses environmentally conscious processes and technologies along with innovative, regenerated or creatively upcycled textiles. We deliver lasting luxury fashion. Luxury does not need to be wasteful. SHCD is inspired by the possibilities the future holds. We see a future where the clothes we love last for longer and if they fade, may start a new beginning, forming part of a circular fashion system.