B2B and Public customer

The remade, redesigned, refashioned your old clothes to fit in our fast changing fashions. We provide a new service to client and company “to refashion your stocks, your blouses, your dress or tee-shirts into a trendy new fashion clothes ” Re-pair service with Haute couture technique, re-fashion your old clothes with a new creative and satisfying Haute couture processes for a completely yours fashion.


Desire dream clothes with knowledge ! 


The nice design and high quality will attract more people to use the things with confidence, comfort, and it also increases the time that it can be used until it will be thrown away.
Developing a new size-flexible garment system, our Haute couture pattern making technique to create a textile and pattern to match all sizes for women and men. 

The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful industries in the world. We produce way more clothes than we need and we discard them only after a couple of wears. Process of producing products that leave no excess material to waste, therefore decreasing the amount of waste materials from the 1st sampling in our atelier support the waste of time, materials, human power, etc...
100% QC support for all our collection production. All changes can be made in CH.

strelitziasunsun have put efforts to expand or take part in sustainable fashion by adding ecofriendly, re-generation, innovation textiles and recycled material into our collection or collaboration with textile company to create future textiles and propose sustainable textiles partners to our clients international. 

This is our future solutions driven fashion !