Haute couture and high quality ready to wear fashion consultancy, product development and merchandising. With our know-how gained working in Japan and Paris in the world of Haute Couture, SHCD can help turn your concept into a viable product. In order to ensure the high quality of the final product we accompany the client at every step of the creative process: design, development and manufacturing.


Sun Sun spends time researching and understanding the brand's history, ethos, and values. She listens to the stories of the people who wear the brand's clothing and tries to understand their relationship with the brand 's DNA and target set up. By doing so, My client gains a deep understanding of what the brand represents and what its customers are looking for. 



1st sampling, the Mock-up – design development and patternmaking in our atelier

( including with fitting model check ) 

2nd sampling – the sample with the actual fabric in our atelier ( including fitting model check ) 

3rd sampling check support -  this sample will represent the final product as Salesman samples. 

We are now offering 

- Fashion design

- Haute Couture, Embroidery textile design samples and production in Switzerland, India and France. 

- Pattern making

- RTW/HC sampling production

- Trend analysis and forecasting

- Textile and material sourcing

- Tech packs

- Bulk fashion production made in CH 

- Haute couture design and production

- Sustainable fashion workshop instruction

- Fashion design, sustainable fashion, and fashion business teaching

- Sustainable fashion consulting

- Costume design and production services


SHCD works with many textile suppliers in order to create products for our clients using high quality materials, smart and innovative textiles. In order to make clothes that our clients will look and feel good wearing.